Who Can Benefit From Counselling?

Counselling can help resolve emotional distress. Examples of concerns that bring people to counselling are:

  • Feeling lost and confused about their role in the world

  • Feeling increasingly sad or depressed

  • Worried, anxious, or fearful

  • Stress or overwhelmed

  • Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or dissatisfied with life

  • Anybody feeling as if they are not good enough or falling short in their own or others eyes

  • Feeling alone

  • Feeling like life is not worth living or that you have nothing to offer the world

  • Feeling disrespected and frustrated

  • Wishing that you could be more assertive

  • Feeling disconnected from the essential people in your life

Working with a counsellor can help clients resolve feelings and thoughts that are weighing them down. Left unresolved, these feelings often lead to negative thoughts and emotions, anxiety, anger, and complicated interpersonal relationships. At Patronus Counselling, you will work collaboratively with a counsellor to get the root of the problem. By the end of treatment, you will feel more in control and able to manage any obstacles life places in front of you. Schedule a free consultation to get started.