Clinical Counselling in South Surrey, BC

Counselling is a relationship between two or more actively participating parties. The client is an expert on themselves, and the counsellor is an expert on helping. We work together to create a unique treatment plan to ensure the client reaches their goals. At Patronus Counselling our aim is to help our clients resolve their emotional distress and find tools to take control of their emotions. Accountability is at the core of our practice. For that reason, we only use therapeutic approaches that have been proven effective and empirically validated.

Patronus Counselling is committed to making quality counselling accessible.  Sessions are offered on evenings and weekends to accommodate work and school schedules. Our Registered Clinical Counsellors are experienced in treating clients with a wide variety of concerns including trauma, depression, grief, suicide, anxiety and more.

Check your extended benefits to see if you have coverage for clinical counselling.

Available services

Online Video Counselling

Individual Counselling

Child/Youth Counselling

Couples Counselling

Family Counselling

Parenting Workshops